Additional information via the pro.douane “Aubette” (newsstand)

Description :

You can use a simple eCO number (in the form of “FRCIVC000000000000 ») to obtain some information about this document through the “Aubette” (newsstand) service offered at There is an equivalent service on the CIVC’s website (see Additional information via the CIVC “Aubette” (newsstand)).

Advantages/disadvantages :

The additional information provided by the “Aubette” (newsstand) remains limited (country of destination, date of issue and total volume of the cargo in hectolitres) and cannot replace a PDF or XML eCO in due and proper form. However this service is useful when you only have a number.

Procedure to follow :

Launch a web browser at and identify yourself with the identifier / password given to you for customs’ electronic procedures (identification at the top left of the page). If you don’t have a Prodou@ane account, you can register directly online via the “Registration” link.

Once connected, click in the menu list (on the left) on “COPM Document Verification,” then in the page that displays (in the centre) on the “Enter” button.

In the window that opens, select for “Type of electronic procedure/document” (in the dropdown list) the value, “CIVC Certificate of Origin” and then enter in the “Document number” zone the assigned eCO number (in the form of “FRCIVC000000000000”). Launch the query by clicking on the “search” button.

If CIVC does not recognise the eCO number, a message informs you accordingly. Otherwise, the service displays the public information for this Certificate of Origin (issue date, country of destination and total quantity in hectolitres) as in the example below:

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