Information via the CIVC “Aubette” (newsstand)

Like the ProDou@ne website, the CIVC website offers an online service that you can use, based on a simple eCO number in the form of “FRCIVC000000000000”, to obtain some “minimal” information about the document’s contents.

Advantages/disadvantages :

The additional information provided by this service remains limited (country of destination, date of issue and total volume of the cargo in hectolitres) and cannot replace a PDF or XML eCO in due and proper form. However this service is useful when you only have a number.

Procedure to follow :

Launch a web browser on and enter the public area.

Choose the “CIVC’s online verifier” tool.

In the window that opens, click on the link, “Information based on an eCO number”.

In the window that opens, enter the eCO number and then click on the “Verify this eCO No.” button.

If this number is known, the “minimal” information will be displayed.

Otherwise, an error message will be displayed in red.

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